School has Reopened

Gone are the days of waking up late in the afternoon, of gathering with our primary school classmates and basically wolfing down all the food we can eat. Like a breathtaking landscape blurring into indistinct shades of light and colour, the holidays we have treasured have ended, only to make way for another dreadful semester.Today is only the third day since school reopened, but there are already black Gucci leather bags under my eyes.

My alarm clock is now set to 5:45am and the day’s activities are nothing like those during the holidays. With new teachers, new modules and new things to learn, this semester seems to promise quite a thrill ride ahead. Even so, a tinge of apprehension pinches at my heart. Last semester saw many tough times, from intense preparations for exams to burning midnight oils just to meet project deadlines. But I don’t know whether I can be the student I used to be given the state of inertia I am in. I wonder if I still have the energy to overcome the challenges ahead.

It is motivating to have new responsibilities after so long though. The conveyor belt of homework has been switched on and projects will soon be coming up, just like a new movie hitting the theatres soon. Gearing up for end of year examinations has started as early as now and it is rewarding to be able to experience the joy of learning once again.

One event that is keeping me buoyed is the Sec 2 Alumni camp. It will provide us with a chance to strengthen the friendships we have forged over the past one and a half years. I never expected to receive so much generously given friendship! I accept them and appreciate them deeply. Time spent with our classmates is getting more precious by the day, for we will be split up into various classes next year.

Moving forward, let us give this new semester a chance to work things out, even though withdrawal symptoms from the holidays are making it hard to do so. Time will inevitably pass us by just like sand seeping through our fingers. In school life’s adventures, I hope that happiness would be our destination.

-Trina Chong(2U)


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