Food Review: Chocolate Banana Muffins

When I was younger, I used to eat from a kiddy-sized plate with paltry amounts of rice and greens. I rejected the spoonful of beans, compressed into unappetizing mounds, but was cajoled into submission when I was told that it was an airplane with nowhere to land. One decade later, I have outgrown my kiddy plates for larger ones. More importantly, the food on my plate now reflects my personal preferences and taste, instead of what is nutritious in my parents’ eyes.

chocobanana muffins 1


Just as the seasons change, people age and our taste buds mature along with us. What we crave for today may not necessarily be what we want next week. Chocolate banana muffins are now my faves. Chocolate banana muffins have a delightful texture and can be whipped up in no time. Made from bright yellow bananas almost the colour of cheese, its interior is soft and moist. It is no wonder that this icon of food innovation is a family favourite! This delightful treat is delightfully colourful on the outside and full of amazing flavours within. Every bite into its lovely golden brown crust releases divine bursts of sugar that will sweeten our day.

chocobanana muffins 2


I personally like the fact that two originally incompatible ingredients are combined to bring us the double benefits of health and indulgence. Chocolate has always been the number one flavour of all time, and the addition of bananas lessens our guilt towards this sinful dessert. This baked bundle of joy is best eaten for breakfast just before a long day at school, so that its warm freshness can provide us with the energy every student needs.

-Trina Chong(2U)


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