Book Review: Girl Missing by Tess Gerritsen

girl missing
Girl Missing, written by Tess Gerritsen, is a fiction novel that revolves around protagonist Kat Novak. Boston medical examiner, Kat Novak goes to work one day to find an unidentified corpse laid out in her office. The cause of death is later discovered to be due to a drug overdose, an unidentified drug which hasn’t been released to the public yet. Furthermore, the only clue that the victim provides is a matchbook with a phone number in it. The number turns out to be Adam Quantrell’s, the rich CEO of a pharmaceutical company. She suspects him at first but turns out he’s just concerned that his runaway daughter Maeve is involved in drugs. With the death toll rising, Kat is convinced that the cause of death is not that simple. So along with Adam, they set out to figure out what was killing everyone.
Girl Missing, which was previously published as Peggy Sue Got Murdered is described by Tess Gerritsen as her bridge novel from romantic suspense to thriller. Rather than the usual boring plots that many books offer, the storyline of this book is original and fresh with many exciting and unpredictable situations which will keep you guessing. The story also offers a lot of action ranging from blackmailing, a fire and even a bomb that blew up almost the whole of Kat’s house! Romance between Kat Novak and Adam Quantrell also played a small but sufficient role in the story. Overall, I found the book really interesting and exciting and I really enjoyed reading it. The flow of the story was really smooth and it also kept me in suspense to the very end. The characters, mainly Kat Novak and Adam Quantrell also made the story nicer. I really like how the two met unpredictably and also how they got closer. Their relationship also progressed really well throughout the story. I also like Meave, Quantrell’s daughter. I feel that although she wasn’t one of the main characters, she really left a strong impact in the story. The way she changed from a rebellious child to a good daughter was also one of my favourite parts in the book.
Read an extract of the book here:

-Fiona Goh


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