2048 the hit game

Does the number seem familiar to you? It’s the latest popular game that hit the top charts in the Samsung and Apple app store!
This game is about joining the same numbers together, on a 4 by 4 game board. The numbers include certain even square numbers like 2, 4, 8, 16, the numbers double themselves and go on. When you reach “2048” you officially win. That’s how the game’s name came about.
Just after a week of 2048’s debut, I spotted people playing the game everywhere. In school, in shopping malls, on buses and trains. Some even with their eyes totally fixated on the screen like walking zombies.
News spread quickly, and that was how I found out about that game.
Why is the game so interesting? Well, it simple to understand, with only colour shades like yellow, orange and white so the screen is not hectic like some other games. This entertaining game offers you a relaxing getaway into a world of numbers and strategy. Free of charge, with clear graphics, downloadable, usable without internet connection, 2048 engages you and occupies your time. What a great chance to challenge and beat your friends! And showing off your personal high scores on social platforms like Facebook and Instagram!
A classmate of mine even managed to make it to 4096. Amazing!!
For those new to this game, you will find yourself getting addicted quickly.
For those getting tired playing it, did you know there are many imitations of the game online? Using colours, images and words instead of the same number tiles. Fans of Taylor Swift and Exo should seriously try playing with the celebrities’ faces.
A website on Google Chrome even enables you to create your own 2048 version with your own pictures and letters.
A simple game 2048 has turned out to be a great hit, probably the most popular game in the year, sparking inspiration in gaming individuals. Another similar game, Isotopic 256 has been created, who knows how many more will be too………

-Genevieve Sim(1P)


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