Now this thing is tricky. It sounds easy, yes. But how many people can actually fully trust another person, entirely? Can you do that? I have no doubt that some people can, but in my opinion, most people will find it hard to trust fully.
Trust, in this context, is defined as the firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something. Trust without wavering is the definite hard thing to do, the thing that most people will find hard to do. Why is it hard for people to trust? For some, it may be due to childhood experiences; for others, it may be due to past hurts. I went to research on why people find it hard to trust, and I found three common reasons.
Firstly, they have a low propensity to trust due to their personality, childhood experiences, etc. Secondly, they have unrealistic expectations about the person they don’t trust. Thirdly, they have past experiences with people, whom they trusted, betraying them in the end. Many of us may not realise it but we may have such experiences. Think about it. If you do not have any, you are really a very lucky person!
Trust is 100% essential in every relationship, be it friendship or kinship. It is the key in relationships because without it, one will lack the confidence needed to share his or her feelings. There is absolutely no relationship that can survive without trust!
I’m aware that this article is quite boring, so I would like to lighten things up now by raising an example from popular MBC historical k-drama, Queen Seondeok. In the drama, Bidam (played by Kim Nam-gil) had a sad ending to his life as he couldn’t trust Deokman (played by Lee Yo-won) and believed that Deokman was lying about wanting to abdicate the throne and spend her last days quietly with him. Thus, he started a rebellion, which was eventually crushed. Deokman’s sincerity towards him was shrouded and couldn’t be seen by him as he didn’t trust her. He wouldn’t have met with such a tragic end had he trusted Deokman and tried to resolve the big misunderstanding between them! (That particular scene in the drama was rather heartbreaking…) This shows that trust is absolutely essential as relationships can easily be broken when the trust needed is not there, or not entirely there.
Try to put trust in people! If you want a relationship to last, give trust! It may not be easy for some people, but just try to give bit by bit. Trust your friends and family! Even if you find out your trust was given to the wrong person, at least you trusted. It’s better to trust than have not trusted at all, because at least you know you have given your best! The best way to find out of you can trust someone, is to trust them!
By Daphne Yow 3 truth
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-Daphne Yow(3T)


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