Milo Dinosaur


Ever seen this beverage before? No? Well then, this is none other than what we Singaporeans call a ‘’Milo-dinosaur’’.
Milo-dinosaur is the name for a cup of Milo, the famous chocolate malt drink, with some ice and Milo powder added on top of it. Milo Dinosaur is a Singaporean invention and is considered to be a cheap beverage. Did you know that the Milo Dino appears on board game Taboo Singapore’s list of guess words? I bet you didn’t!
For the chocolate lovers out there, here is the recipe for the Milo-Dinosaur:
5 tablespoon of Milo powder
½ tablespoon of sweetened beverage creamer
Some crushed ice
2 heaped tablespoon of Milo powder
1) Mix Milo powder with Sweetened Beverage Creamer in a huge glass.
2) Fill in only half hot water into the glass and stir well.
3) Add crushed ice into glass until full.
4) Add 2 heaped tablespoons of Milo powder.
5) Enjoy!
Milo Dino is one of my most bought drinks whenever I frequent my school’s canteen. One of my classmates introduced the Milo Dino to me; she urged me to try it as it was really nice. And it was! Iced milo is great on its own, but that scoop of Milo powder floating at the top really gives it that extra burst of flavour.
If you’re thirsty and looking for something sweet, but healthy at the same time, Milo Dino is the one you should choose: it really gets the job done —and well. The scoops of milo powder on the top dissolve slowly in your drink, letting you savour that little crunch in every of your sips. Or if you prefer having a bigger scoop, just dip your spoon of milo powder into your drink and wet it a little.
The Milo-Dinosaur is sold at many places in Singapore, including Toast Box, at most roti-prata shops and Indian food stalls. What are you waiting for? Get yours today!

Germaine Lee(1 Truth)


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