Book Review: The Look by Sophia Bennett


The Look is an inspiring book written by Sophia Bennett. The main character, Ted (short for Edwina) Trout, does not see herself as glamorous. On the contrary, everyone sees her as the tall awkward teenager who is teased at school, getting called names like Freaky Friday. Her sister is the one with the good looks in the family.
When she gets scouted by a modeling agency, she was surprised at first and thought that it was a fraud. After a while, she finally is convinced that their offer is genuine. She decides to accept the offer, but at the same time, her sister falls seriously ill and is diagnosed with cancer. Will Ted be able to juggle both being a supermodel and being the supportive sister that she is supposed to be?
This book shows the importance of not being distracted by materialistic items and instead focus on building family ties and the importance of sisterly love. It has also motivated me by teaching me the importance of hard work and perseverance.
Towards the end of the book, there is a plot twist that changes Ted’s world. To find out what it is, go read the book! It is definitely worth the time. I recommend this book as a holiday read or perhaps one to read on a rainy day. It will warm you heart like no other.

By: Jocelyn (1T)


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