Pray For MH370 and Hope For the Best

Have you heard of the missing Malaysia Airlines MH370? It disappeared on 7 March 2014 carrying 200 over passengers. I feel very sad for all those on board, but it is not yet confirmed the location of the plane. Many countries are helping the search for the plane. Including Singapore. Our country continued to help search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 for the fourth day (March 11).
It is said that two military aircrafts left Paya Lebar Airbase in the morning of the 11 of March to help out with the search. The team of people on board the aircarfts combed an area more than 100 nautical miles off the Malaysian town of Kota Bharu, they joined three of the country’s Navy vessels already out at sea. In hope of finding the missing airplane.
Singapore Air Force’s C130 aircraft which was helping out with the search, was said to be loaded with more than 30 marine markers which will be dropped to identify a spot if something promising is discovered. The plane also contained life rafts which will be deployed if any survivors are found, and survival kits, including items like blankets, mirrors and radios. But the close to 20 airmen on board found no chance to drop them as they gazed intently at the sea empty sea below.
While the C130 typically flies above 20,000ft (6,096m), the search mission that day took place just 1,000ft (305m) above sea level, covering an area several times Singapore’s size. I heard that a team of 12 “scanners” took 20-minute shifts in looking for the missing plane. After seven hours of searching, they found nothing. It was a extremely tiring search. I am sure that the team must be filled with fatigue. Some say the search mission took about 10 hours.
I am sure that the military will set out again, flying over the ocean filled with the hope that clues can be found to shed light on the mystery of the missing flight. We can only hope for the best and pray. Pray for MH370, pray for those who were on board, pray for the relatives friends and families of those on board and pray for the solving of this mystery.

Guan Xin Stephanie (1P)


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