Eighteen Chefs

There are countless restaurants that we all think about when “favourite restaurant” is mentioned. But did you ever realize that food can save another person’s life? One man did, and he succeeded.
He is no other than Benny Se Teo, an ex-convict that had been under the influence of heroin. After being through prison many times, he decided that it was enough. He tried to get his convict friends to start a proper business with him that was meaningful, but they decided that they wanted no share in it. Benny, refusing to relent, approached NTUC for help. He soon discovered the Inclusive Growth Programme. It enabled low wage workers better pay along with easier, smarter and safer jobs from productivity initiatives.
So what exactly is this special business of his? Benny opened a restaurant by the name of Eighteen Chefs, which focused on helping ex-convicts see the light again. Being a convict previously, he related to them and gave them a platform to stand up after their mistakes.
Benny decided to make use of food technology based machines to whip up delicious meals. Despite receiving no or minimal education, these ex-convicts were able to make use of these machines to keep the food standards at their best.
Benny also opened up his restaurant as a training centre to potential food and beverage workers. He allowed many criminals who passed the test to be recruited by many local restaurants.
Of course, Benny still has his set of loyal students who do not flock to other food stalls. Once a hard core drug addict, but now a head chef. Once a single mum dishwasher, but now an assistant manager of the restaurant.
You can easily find three branches of the restaurant in Singapore, at 8 Grange Road,302 Tiong Bahru Road and at No.2 Handy Road.
So why not make a trip down there one day to try out some food with meaning? You will just be supporting a man who believes in helping others out of their sticky situation and who has experienced the grace of God.



-Nicolette Kum


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