The Best Hot Cocoa


In my opinion, the Swiss Miss brand is the best hot cocoa I have ever tasted. The creamy and chocolaty taste never fails to calm my mind and give me a moment of relaxation.

And, it’s also easy to make! All you have to do is to mix either hot water or milk with one packet of cocoa mix and voilà! There you have it!

Personally, I prefer to use hot milk as it gives the cocoa a more chocolaty taste whereas the cocoa made using hot water tastes rather bland. But, some people do not like it to be too chocolaty as they worry that it might be too sweet. The perfect solution that I came up with is to mix both hot water and hot milk with the cocoa mix.

Swiss Miss has many different flavours for their cocoa mixes. My favourite is Marshmallow Lovers as I, too, am a marshmallow lover and I find that marshmallows and hot cocoa is a wonderful combination and that they are the best of both worlds.

P.S. A must try for hot cocoa lovers !!!

~ Laura Zheng, 1L


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