Is Change a Good Thing?

Is change a good thing? Sometimes, it depends on what do we change for. If we change for the better, then that is good. However, if we change for the worse, then I will rather not have changed at all.
I remember that I use to tell lies to people and other things as such, but I changed after getting scolded by my parents for those. I changed. It was a change for the better, and now I do not lie as much anymore. This is an instance of a good change.
I remember watching the television once and the show talked about a person who committed a small crime but even after receiving punishment, he continued to commit worse and worse crimes. He changed for the worse and not for the better. This is a bad change.
There are also different types of changes, like maybe a change of house, car or school that may affect our everyday lives. Examples are that if we change to a new house at a new location, the positive aspect is that we get a new house. But after a while, there may be negative aspects, maybe you would miss your friends in the old area and might just possibly prefer the old house, maybe it is bigger, have more rooms, more space to relax, maybe you would miss the first floor gardens etc. So this type of change can be melancholic and might or might not results in positive or negative affect.
I remember that when I was little, my dad sold the car we had for a long time. I cried and cried at the moment, but afterwards, I began getting used to the new car and no longer felt sad about the old car. I started to think about the positive aspects of the new car and what it can do for me, maybe not for me, but at least I would be able to benefit from it.
There is also a third type of change. This type of change is the physical change, like changing our looks and physical condition as we grow up. I look very different now from how I used to look like. I will describe it later, anyway, this type of change, whether it was a good or bad change, all depends on how we think we look. It is up to us to decide.
When I was little, only about one or two years old, I used to have very short and few hair, and was rather plump. When I was three or four, I still had very short hair that was only a few centimeters long in length, was rather short and small for my age. When I was five or six, my hair grew out to my shoulders, I grew a little bit taller and all that. When I was in the second year of kindergarten, nothing much changed and my hair was still that length. When I entered primary school, I had my hair cut shorter, stopping at the bottom of my ears according to my school rules. From then onwards, nothing much changed except that I grew taller and a little fatter as my appetite got a little larger than before. Growing up is a consistent change.
Our physical conditions change too when we get sick and all that. Such changes cannot be stopped and cannot be controlled. We cannot change falling sick and cannot change what the illness does to us.
So, is change a good thing? I think, it all depends on the situation. Every situation is different, so change can be both good and bad for us. If we are in a bad situation, we are in need of change, the type of change needed is the type where the situation changes for the better. But if we are in a good situation, I believe that we can do better and change for the better, but no matter what we do we should always change for the better and not for the worse. We should strive to change for the better, when we are better, we are also happier, when we are better, we are safer. Just remember, change is rather unpredictable.

Guan Xin Stephanie (1P)


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