Ice Kachang


Feeling tired on a long day? Fret not! Rush to the nearest coffee shop to get your fresh and cooling ice kachang that will never fail to make you feel more energetic and chilled!
The ice kachang is a modern, more elaborate update of the ice ball–comprising jelly, red beans (kachang means beans in the Malay language), sweet corn and attap chee (palm seeds) as its base, and topped off with a mound of shaved ice, psychedelically coloured syrups and condensed milk, and it’s served in either a bowl or a tall glass.
Ice kachang can also be served with fruit cocktail, aloe vera jelly and novelty toppings such as chocolate and durian. Mix and match any way you like to satisfy your cravings! This popular dessert can be found anywhere across Singapore, any coffee shops that you know of!
Ice kachangs also have good and bad ones. A good ice kachang is one where the ice is cleanly shaven to very small bits; it should just melt in your mouth together with the sweet tasting syrup. As for ingredients, the more variety, the better. There is nothing like feeling the multiple textures every time you take a mouthful.
Innovative dessert shops have also created their self-designed ice kachang, attracting tons of customers as well. You would have never thought that a simple dish can be served and eaten in such a creative way! There are also many choices of flavours, if you do not want to stick to the original, mainstream ones sold in coffee shops. Who knows, maybe someday you could create your own type of ice kachang and it would be the next popular dish in Singapore!

-Chevonne Law(2 Hope)


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