Bath and Body Works


Bath and Body Works, is a favourite fragrance destination for everyone. The Bath and Body Works PocketBac hand sanitizer is now a recent growing trend. In fact, some of us (including myself) are also guilty of lugging back bags of Bath & Body Works products home every time we come back from the United States.
The PocketBac hand santizer, is, as you can tell from the name, pocket-sized. It is useful and sweet-smelling as well. It can be used before and after eating and also after playing with pets and toys to cleanse your hands.

I, too, got influenced by a friend and begged my father, who was on a business trip in the United States, to buy me two bottles of each type at the store there as Bath and Body Works outlet had yet to open in Singapore. Also, it is cheaper to buy it in America compared to buying it in Singapore as one bottle in America costs half the price.

There are also other popular products at Bath and Body Works, they also sell body lotions, body wash and shower gel, scented candles, wallflowers and many more. For now, you can buy Bath and Body Works products online if you would like any, but, when the new Bath and Body Works outlet opens at Marina Bay Sands, people from all over Singapore will be flocking over to buy it there instead.
The outlet that’s planning to open at Marina Bay is 3,000 square feet will carry a huge range of products from hand and body care, to perfumes and home fragrance collections.
However, let us hope that, although the location of the outlet is at Marina Bay Sands, the items will not be overpriced in Singapore. If it is overpriced, I think I might as well order online or just buy some more when I travel to America or when my father is on a business trip again.

Laura Zheng~1L


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