Music is in our lives all the time, from listening to pop songs to playing instruments.
Think about the last time a song really moved you, or meant something to you. Music is calming for the mind, helping one to relax or get over something. Most professional artists are able to entice the audience’s mood and emotions with their music.
Why are we humans so connected to music? From working adults to school children, especially teenagers, everyone has their personal taste of music.
Music is a universal way of communication. Even without words, music can make us joyful or sorrowful, energized or sleepy. However, various artists implement incorrect ideas about certain topics. On the other side of the coin, many talented individuals also teach us moral values. Hence, we have to be selective with the songs we listen to.
Often, we can’t trust anybody enough to share our own problems, or to heal our pain and broken hearts. Music can. We don’t really know the artist. But we can feel the melodies. The sounds encourage us. It soothes us. It tells us that everything will be alright so we can face the world and make good decisions for everyone again.
After a success or during a joyous celebration, what could be better than blasting catchy pop songs!
When we are desolate and lonely or bored, music lifts our hearts while filling our time!
Can you imagine living without music?

-Genevieve Sim(1 Purity)


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