Studying is not a Heavy Burden

Complains. That’s what comes out of the mouths of many primary school students and secondary school students alike. “School is so boring!”, “I hate homework!”. Those are some of the usual sayings you hear. I’m sure everyone has complained about school at least once in our school life. If not, then you’re probably the perfect student.

Really, if you are having these kind of thoughts right now, I suggest that you shake them off right here, at this exact moment. School isn’t so bad. You just have to learn to enjoy it. Maybe you are a loner in your school? Maybe that’s the reason that you don’t like school. There’s an easy way out of this problem. All you have to do is go out there, and make yourself some friends. Learn to enjoy studies too. You never know how studies may help you in the future.

Maybe you are the one that is being bullied in school all day? Well, theres a solution to every problem including this one. All you have to do is to consult a teacher, consult your parents. You can depend on your friends too. Helping one another, that’s what friends are for.

School is a fun place to be, you have friends there, and you have your teachers too. It is just like a second home. When you grow up, study will help you in many ways to love your school, love your studies, is what we, as students should do. School is not for you to hate. In fact, think about it, what other times do you get to meet and chit-chat with your friends? I think that we should all learn to appreciate school life while we can. Remember, time cannot rewind.

Guan Xin Stephanie (1P)


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