Have you heard of “Hotel California” (Eagles), “Mamma Mia” (Abba) or “We Will Rock You” (Queen)?
Those were the good ol’ days in the 70s. The lyrics of these songs were quite simple to learn by heart which is why they soon became a hit. You could have heard your parents humming some 70s’ tunes to themselves before. Or maybe, your parents were listening to the radio. When the deejay announced a song in the 70s/80s/90s, they went tapping their feet or belting the lyrics out.
But hey, wait! What happens the moment you tune in to your favourite pop songs?
Do your parents sit there and hear your melodious voice echoing down the living room (or wherever you are)? Do they stare at you with a baffled expression scribbled on their faces, wondering what on earth you’re singing? Or do they automatically, almost instinctively, switch off the radio and yell at you (“Return to your room and do your homework!”)?
Whatever the reactions of your parents are, I’ve got a sad confession to make.
I’m not totally a fan of pop music, though I’m also not that a staunch supporter of 70s’ music.
First and foremost, I’ve realized that the f-/c-/s-words are becoming increasingly rampant in pop music. Examples: Payphone (Maroon 5), Play (Jennifer Lopez) and many other rap songs. Seriously, these popular songs stick in our heads, and naturally, though subconsciously, the f-words also stick in our heads like adhesives. Soon enough, we begin to use the f-/s- words until it becomes our normality. These words are really offensive and I’m very appalled (if not, flabbergasted) by the extent of the usage of these words to the Internet, even in our daily conversations!
Stop all those f-/s-words!!!
Secondly, can any of you remember any of Taylor Swift’s/Bruno Mars’/One Direction’s songs that were composed, say 3 years ago? Probably yes, if you’ve a great memory capacity to remember every single song crystal clearly, or you’ve been singing them so many times until they’ve become part and parcel of your memory. On the whole, however, it’s quite unlikely to recall those songs. Ever since Youtube has been founded in 2005, many aspiring singers post their songs on Youtube, in the hope of gaining a wider fan base. While this may be helpful to a certain extent, the spate of songs (Youtube’s overloaded!!) have diluted the quality of many pop songs (not to mention K-pop as well!).
Lastly, 70s/80s/90s pop music has an appealing charm, sensuality and sentimentality through the use of creativity and originality in the simple but impactful words used. This is why I like the good old pop songs. However, if you’re a pianist or a guitarist or even a keyboardist, you’ll notice that the chords and notes of these songs are rather complicated to play(made worse by the fact that I’ve small hands). I enjoy playing the songs on my piano and singing to the melody of the tunes, only if they’re easy to play. Pop songs are much, much easier to play due to the ubiquity of single notes or basic chords in the scores.
I’m neutral to whatever pop music the radio is now playing, except that the songs don’t contain any vulgar words. So, where’s your stance?

Sec 4 Senior


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