News reporter sinking through the floor


One would think that working as a news reporter is so boring. At least, that was what I thought. Until I found an interesting article about a news reporter “sinking through the floor”, that is. Here’s what happened. BBC presenter Caroline Bilton was finishing her report for Look North, BBC’s regional news programme, on Monday when it appeared as if she was sinking out of shot mid-sentence. One minute she was there…and the next she wasn’t.
It was a really hilarious way for her to sign off. It turned out to be a technical hitch that caused all the news blooper. The camera was slowly knocked up, which made it look like she was sinking down and that her chair had collapsed.
Leanne Brown, another news reader, managed to keep her composure as her colleague disappeared from the camera’s view, telling viewers, “I think we had a problem with the camera there”. She was as cool as a cucumber, no doubt about it. I wonder how she managed to keep so composed and look so unfazed.
News travel quickly, as Caroline has been propelled to viral fame through this bizarre incident. The video, shared through social media site Youtube, had already over half a million views in less than 24 hours.
Afterwards she tweeted: “Well I’m globally famous it would seem and for all the wrong reasons! The power of the web! Glad it’s making people smile. “She also added a hashtag: #sinkingfeeling.
Who knew the news could be so entertaining?

Germaine Lee-1T


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