Just a Life

Life is full of goodness, don’t you agree? The sun winks at you when you smile at him. The birds make music for you who least expect them to. The gentle waves wash up the shores when they thirst. Life is like a music score-the bars change every 24 hours, but the melody remains lovely and sweet-sounding. Life is good. But is life fair?

At home we often wonder, why did my baby brother get the biggest slice of cake while I got a relatively smaller piece? In school we search our hearts for answers as to why your closest friend got a better grade even when you obviously worked much harder? It is at times like these when we start to compare ourselves with others. We start to calculate how much each party rightfully deserves with respect to our own efforts. Precisely because of this, we start to throw ourselves into a state of indignance and we start pitying ourselves for being shortchanged.

Earlier this year, we were all given a major project to do and were tasked to think of a proposal ourselves. I accepted the fact that my first proposal was rejected readily. After all, failure paves the way for success. However, the rejections of our subsequent ideas started to dampen my group members’ and my spirits. Watching the other groups carry out their experiments with hardly any glitches, my feelings were more of indignance than envy. I began complaining (to no one in particular) about how I did not deserve to meet with such setbacks, and how I should have received the same amount of help which the other groups received from their mentors. They say that sadistic thoughts occur in minds nowhere else other than one that is seduced by anger. Somehow, I wished other groups would have their share of obstacles to overcome, because the fact that I was not alone covered up for the bruises I suffered.

Crying is a way your eyes speak when your mouth can’t think of the right words to express your grief. I resorted to this technique in hopes of feeling at least a bit better, but it turns out it is at times like these when your bitterness reaches its peak.You become most critical, and find fault at things that have not offended you in any way. What I eventually found out was that the best remedy was communication.

Rather than intoxicate yourself with such unhealthy notions, why not grab a trusted adult or friend, pour out your grievances to them. Tell them what is wrong, what it was that was eating you. It is only when others know, that they can truly empathise with you and provide aid. Life is just a life.

Trina Chong (2U)


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