Food Review: Frozen Grapes

Have you tried frozen grapes before? No? Then you should!
Frozen grapes are delicious, and they are fun to eat, not to mention really simple to make. They make a great, healthy snack that can be used to beat the heat on a hot day. It is like eating a grape popsicle! They are fat free, and a wonderful alternative for sweets when eating on the go, though it might be a little to frozen for your taste the first time you try it. If you have yet to try frozen grapes, you absolutely must, ASAP. I guarantee you, it is a treat you certainly cannot miss.
Be sure to purchase seedless grapes for freezing. Red, black, or green grapes may be used, whichever your preference. You can even have all three if you like! It doesn’t matter which kind, or whichever colour of grapes you choose.
Truth be told, it had never occurred to me to actually try frozen grapes. I did not even know what they were until one of my classmates bought a packet from the school canteen and let me try one.
Those are quite something. The sweetness of the grapes is magnified—I tasted a non-frozen grape for comparison, and the frosty one was markedly closer to candy. Besides being appetising, they are low in calories too.
So now when you can’t finish your grapes, you know what to do. Why not freeze them for a delicious treat!

Germaine Lee-1T


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