Cats and Dogs

I’m sure we are all familiar with cartoons portraying cats and dogs as sworn enemies, since most of us would have watched at least one cartoon about cats and dogs being natural enemies when we were still young children. However, is this really true? Are cats and dogs really natural enemies? A straight answer would be “no”, although it is not uncommon for them to show aggression towards each other initially. You may not believe it at first, but cats and dogs can actually be quite friendly and bonded with each other. The following real-life story will show this.
After going blind from cataracts, eight-year-old dog Terfel struggled to get around on his own as he kept bumping into obstacles and had to spend most of his time lazing around in his basket in the North Wales, UK home of his owner, Judy Godfrey-Brown. This was until one day; his owner welcomed a stray cat, dubbed Pwditat, into her home. Their first encounter was when Pwditat approached Terfel and led the blind dog into the garden. She immediately seemed to know that he was blind, says Godfrey-Brown. Since then, she has become his trusty guide, leading him everywhere using her paws. Now, they are glued to each other and even sleep together!
There are also many more stories out there about cat-and-dog friendships, and these never fail to surprise us, given the countless misconceptions we may have about the relationship between cats and dogs. But one thing is for sure – cats and dogs might not always get along, but when they do, it is pretty heart-warming. In the case of Terfel and Pwditat; thanks to a guide cat, a blind dog can go for his beloved walks once again.

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By Daphne Yow 3 Truth (2 Unity 2013)


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