Book Review: Animal Farm

Animal Farm is a stinging novel which warns us of the injuries social stratification causes to mankind. Through wittily crafted twists and turns, George Orwell illustrates how power and authority, given the nature of human beings, can tarnish an innocent heart. Old Major, a prize-winning boar, tells the animals of Manor Farm about a dream he had about a life independent of humans. One where the animals would be spared the horror of watching the pigs get slaughtered, and where they did not need to restrain their voices and actions in the barn in fear of getting into trouble. Old major encourages the animals to work towards this paradise without corrupting themselves with the detestable human habits and sinful possessions. Major died three nights after his radical announcement. However, the idea of this rebellion remained etched in all the animals’ minds, pushing them to pick up from the foundations Old Major left. They eventually worked together to kick Mr Jones, the owner of the farm, out. They rename the property ‘Animal Farm’ and dedicate themselves to achieving Major’s dream. Napoleon the pig assumes leadership of Animal Farm. While he presents himself as a good and efficient leader who worked toward the improvement of the animals’ quality of life, he secretly bears selfish intentions of having absolute power of the farm. Bit by bit, he lets his true colours show, while the animals under him can only watch their wretched fate unfold before their very eyes…

-Trina Chong(2U)


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