The topping melts in your mouth and activates your taste glands as you bite into the fluffy base. Yes, yet another cupcake. I am sure you would have tried a cupcake before, be it the common vanilla and chocolate flavours or the more interesting flavours like the pumpkin.

Cupcakes were born in the 19th century in the United States and everyone appreciated the fact that a cupcake is a time saving desert to whip up. The measurements of each ingredient needed to make a traditional cupcake were so simple that people started calling it number cakes instead of the more common term “cupcake”. Needless to say, cupcakes have lost its time-saving property and people right now can easily spend a few hours just perfecting a cupcake and adding many, as some would say, unnecessary decorations to the cupcake in the hope that it would turn out a little more appetising.

Believe it or not, some people claim that there is actually a correct way to eat a cupcake.

First, neatly twist of a bottom part of the cupcake. Once that is fully separated from the cupcake, place it above the cream, fully turning it into a sandwich, with the cream as the filling. This way of eating saves a lot of messiness and is of course, very high-class!

Nicolette Kum – 1U