Healthy Eating


Due to our busy schedules, it is hard for people nowadays to have their basic three meals daily. Many skip breakfast, or replace lunch with a light snack. Caught up with the fast pace of life, no one has the time to manage, or even, care about what they put into their bodies. Illnesses such as obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and more are often brought onto ourselves by our own hands, because of what we choose to eat.

Onto the topic of dieting, dieting is a extremely popular method for people who want to lose the fats that they see as eyesores. There are different ways to diet, and not every way are correct ones. First of all, the focus is wrong. People should be concerned with their health and not on other things. This has led to many eating disorders. Many teenage girls starve themselves and deprive their body from receiving the essential nutrients. This can put their lives in danger.  Binge eating is another disorder where people undergo a major diet and then consume a large amount of food without being able to stop at one time.  Side effects include high blood pressure and heart diseases, even depression and anxiety.

A healthy lifestyle starts with healthy eating, no matter how cliché it sounds. It is not that unhealthier foods like snacks and fried foods should be eliminated completely, we all have our cravings. In fact, the more you refrain from eating something you want, the more you would want to have that. The first and basic way to start your journey of healthy eating is to get three meals daily. There is also a recommended amount of calories for your body type and weight and it is good to keep within that amount. Having an equal amount of different nutrients for example proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates is very good for the body. We choose what we put into our body, don’t make the wrong choice!

Lim See Mun – 3T


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