Strength in the Face of Adversity


    When you encounter a deadly struggle in your life, what would you do? Give up everything you are doing and resign yourself to fate? If your answer is yes, I want to ask you, why not choose a better option? Bravely carry on with whatever you are doing in your life with strength and courage! This was the path a Jamaican runner took.

    Novlene Williams-Mills was diagnosed with breast cancer just a month before the Olympics, but that did not deter her from competing and winning the 400m race at the Jamaican Championships, and making their Olympic team. She later finished fifth in the 2012 Olympic 400-meter final and won her third straight bronze medal in the 4X400-meter relay. What is surprising is that she kept her illness secret from even her fellow teammates in the relay! Only she, her husband and select close friends knew about it.

    Three days after the Olympics, she had a lumpectomy. In addition, she has had a full mastectomy to reduce the chance of the cancer coming back. You may be thinking, “Oh, she has had so many operations, it would be impossible for her to run a race again.” But no, she hasn’t. Hasn’t stopped running, I mean. In late June this year, she repeated her achievement from last year, winning the 400m at the Jamaican Championships. This qualified her to run at the world championships in Moscow in August, and she said that she would run for all those with breast cancer.

    So the next time you encounter an obstacle in your life, do know that there are many other people out there facing the same or even much worst problems than you. Just stay strong and you will be able to overcome even the most terrible obstacle. After all, if you succumb to your problems, do you think you will ever overcome it?

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-Daphne Yow (2U)


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