Almost everyone has at least seen these meringue-based treats, be it in an elegantly wrapped gift box or piled on a plate in a luxuriously decorated room in an advertisement. These little treats have a wide variety of flavours, ranging from the commercial strawberry to a more exotic selection of floral flavours, such as rose and violet.

Macaroons have a generally smooth, waxy feel on the surface of the cookie, but as you bite into it, the thin, hard layer breaks and the texture becomes unexpectedly crumbly. Depending on the flavour, your taste experience will vary, for example, orange blossom has a light and mildly sweet kind of flavour with a gentle floral aftertaste. Chocolate is, of course, sweet, and has rich,velvety cream inside. It has a strong, ‘refined’ chocolate taste unlike the crude commercial chocolate-flavoured cream found in stores which are pasty and artificially flavoured. For the raspberry flavoured one, it has a jam-like filling which is tangy and maybe even a little exotic. It has a sharp, sugary edge which leaves a pleasant aftertaste.

Of course, such classy treats won’t cost cheaply. A single macaroon costs $3.80 at Lauduree, so 10 macaroons cost more than $30! However, despite their petite size and delicate appearances, they actually fill you up pretty well, so it’s worth it!

-Erica Low(2C)


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