I don’t really listen to much music, although I do have an MP3 app in my phone and I keep a folder of 25 songs that I play most often. I like music that helps me chill so I don’t get too stressed out while completing my homework or doing some hopeless last minute cramming. So, in case you’re interested, here are several songs you can find in my folder!

1.       Lights by Ellie Goulding

Lights is a pretty good song once you have it on repeat and you’re familiar with the     lyrics so you can sing along. I’m no music critic, but what I really like about the song is right at the opening. The echoing sound of bells really gives off this magical feel, like you’re camping in the woods and there are dozens of glowing fireflies hovering in the air above you. It’s cool!

2.       Little Red Riding Hood, covered by Amanda Seyfried

This is actually an old song performed by Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs but ever since I heard the one Amanda covered for her movie Red Riding Hood in 2011, I couldn’t stop listening to it. I like how the song is really simple, with the same few guitar chords on repeat, yet has the ability to draw you in and captivate you. This is also because of how sinister yet mysterious the song is, especially when you combine Amanda’s sweet singing with the song’s dark lyrics.

3.       Little House  by Amanda Seyfried

Here’s more proof of Amanda’s amazing talent for singing. When filming the movie Dear John, Amanda was asked to come up with some chords on the spot for a scene in the film. This explains why, when you decide to check the song out, you’ll find how little sense the lyrics make, because as she had stated in an interview, she simply sang whatever popped into her mind at that moment and wove it into a song. It’s still hard to believe that she managed to fit those lyrics into such a good tune! Here’s an excerpt taken from the chorus:

To light the night

To help us grow

To help us grow

It is not said

I always know

 4.       Starlight by Taylor Swift

A lesser known song from Taylor’s most recent album, Red, Starlight is similar to Lights in that it gives off this enchanted feeling, especially at the chorus. Also, why I really love her songs is because of Taylor’s natural ability to weave song lyrics into stories. Taylor had said Starlight was inspired from a photo she had seen, taken back in the sixties, explaining why this song also has a slightly retro style. Starlight, I feel, is a pretty new approach Taylor has taken to her music because of how catchy and dreamy the song is. It makes you want to travel back in time, put on some fancy clothing and start dancing.

-Hannah Chua(2D)


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