The Fault in Our Stars


‘The fault, dear Brutus, is not in the stars but in ourselves that we are underlings’.

The Fault in Our Stars is yet another successful, heart moving novel written by the famous author, John Green. This book surrounds the life of a sixteen year old cancer patient, Hazel Grace. Hazel Grace finished high school early and had just begun pursuing her college education when she was forced by her parents to attend a support group for children living with cancer. Much to her surprise however, she meets someone who turns her life around, giving her the motivation to change her negative mindset of life. Prince charming, Augustus, brings joy and love to Hazel Grace’s life, brightening both their lives. Even though Augustus himself is battling sickness, he ignores the gnawing feeling and continues to fight for Hazel Grace. The two young lovers battle on, spending what’s left of their time together, making every second count. But how much longer do they have? Journey on together with Hazel Grace and Augustus as they fight desperately to make every moment spent together something worth remembering.

Vanessa Loh (2C)


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