Friendly or Awkward



Love chatting over the phone or computer and feel like there’s a never ending supply of words you want to tell each other? Feel awkward and rarely speak with that person whenever you guys meet in real life? Is this you? Well, then you might laugh at yourself while reading this article.

Nowadays, children, teenagers and adults often use the phone as a source of communication with each other. Of course, I’m not saying that that’s a problem. But, when people start to text each other more than they talk, now there’s something wrong. For example, someone might be just a door away from someone and yet, they start texting with each other instead of talking face to face. Human beings are social beings and they need to have a lot of interaction as part of their daily life. It’s just how life is.

As funny as it sounds, as more social media surface in the 21st Century, more socially awkward people, rather than sociable ones, start to appear in our society. One may be all friendly and hyper while chatting with their online friends. But who knows? He/she might be socially awkward in real life. Avoiding conversations, shy and often reply with one-word answers in real life but often the one starting the conversation, bold and reply in long sentences online? That’s a socially awkward person for you.

Is the previous paragraph who you are? Well, it’s not too late to realise that you have been a socially-awkward person and know what to do to become a sociable person. One of the things you could start doing is to spend more time with your family. After all, spending quality time with you family gets your family bonded and less quarrels would occur. Another thing you should consider to start doing is to have a wide circle of friends. Not only will you get to make more friends, you will also learn to have more social interaction with people around you rather than just keeping your eyes glued to your hand phone or computer screen all day long. Being sociable is healthy for you, unlike texting and staring at computer screens, which emits radiation. So isn’t it a win-win situation whereby you become sociable and healthy at the same time? So go out there and start being SOCIABLE!


Felicia Choy(2U)


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