Keep Me, Alive

‘Keep me, Alive,’ he always said.

Alive stared at him from the edge of his bed, creasing her brows as she fumbled with her words again. Giving up, her fingers grasped the hem of her dress tightly. She turned her head from the heart-wrenching sight of John to gaze at the view outside of the claustrophobic hospital room.

It was snowing outside.

Please keep me, Alive. Please.

He begged with his fists clenched up tightly underneath the layers of his blankets. His shaking form was losing hope as the hands of the clock moved on, not waiting for his silent cries.

All Alive could do was just wish that Fate didn’t send her to John, there were many other guardians from the headquarters to choose from. Why her? She couldn’t believe she is getting emotional over a client. It’s written in the handbook to never get emotional over a client.

Alive, we received your wish. It’s time, Alive. You can’t stall this any longer.

Alive jumped at the familiar voice of Fate and slowly turned to the door. She forgot that the headquarters receives all wishes, guardians alike.

Fate. Do not interfere. This is my client. This is my time.

Frustration leaked into every word Alive directed to Fate, wishing she would just understand.

Alive. You’re being stubborn. You’re one of my favourite guardians hence the reason why I entrusted you with John. However, you must forget that being here too long isn’t going to help but only cause harm. Do you forget that his friends can’t see you? We’re only visible to our clients, Alive. The longer you postpone the parting, the more emotional damage will be inflicted within the boy.

Exasperated with Fate’s truthful words, Alive glanced at John’s shaking form and sighed.

She remembers walking down that street, looking at houses with gardens filled with orchids. She remembers watching children running down the pavement she was walking on, skateboards in their hand, sneakers with grass stains glued onto their soles. She remembers how she leaned against the fences watching them run, waiting for some response. No one responded to her queer interest.



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