Local Malay Delight: Bo Bo Cha Cha


Looking for a dessert to complete a satisfying meal this afternoon? But you’re sick of the same old typical desserts such as mango pudding and ice kacang? Well you may consider trying out the traditional Bo Bo Cha Cha.

Bo Bo Cha Cha is a traditional Malay dessert that has since risen to fame in many parts of Asia. However this dessert is most commonly found in the various food centres in Malaysia and Singapore. Bo Bo Cha Cha is basically an Asian soup dessert, made up of warm sweet coconut milk and chewy tapioca flour cubes of various colours. On a cold rainy day, a bowl of tasty, fragrant Bo Bo Cha Cha would make you feel right at home. Though in this glaring heat back here in sunny Singapore, few people would be craving for warm desserts. Thus Bo Bo Cha Cha has since been modified to suit our craving tastebuds and can be served chilled too! Consumers can choose to eat their Bo Bo Cha Cha with chilled coconut milk or they can choose to have it served as shaved ice topped with coconut milk and tapioca flour cubes. Either options would leave consumers feeling satisfied and refreshed!

I strongly recommend all readers out there to try this simple yet tasty dessert. I guarantee that you will not regret trying it!

Vanessa Loh (2C)


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