You Decide

Is there anything about your looks you want to change, or ‘improve’? I bet some of you have considered undergoing plastic surgery when you’re older, or perhaps you know someone who wants to. It’s merely opinions when people try to reason that it’s either wrong or right, because really, in the end it’s still your face and thus your choice, so you can do whatever you want with it.
With the ongoing Korean craze, many of us have started tuning in to Korean dramas and entertainment. I know a friend my age who became so beauty conscious after being addicted to Korean ‘stuffs’ that she began borrowing books from the library about slimming and even brought containers of fruits to school daily to eat, during break and then later on after her lunch. She also began commenting on her weight and appearance when she looked just fine to me, if not better due to all that healthy snacking she’d been doing recently. You’re free to look at this however you want. Perhaps her being exposed to this new culture where the people emphasize on beauty a lot did some good to her health. Maybe it just made her feel lousy about herself. Or could it be both?
Sometimes, what we expose ourselves to might have an effect on us, whether positively or negatively, or both at the same time. Sometimes, it just depends on which effect that creates a deeper impact in our lives. Sometimes, the problem with us isn’t who we really are but the things we allow to take ahold of our mindset.
So if you’re feeling frustrated about the way you look, I won’t tell you that “all these are just your ‘exterior’, it’s what’s on the inside that counts” because it doesn’t really help much. Instead, try taking a break from looking in the mirror or wasting time envying photos of celebrities.
And if you’re still feeling dissatisfied with your appearance, of course, no one can stop you from making your decisions in the end. Just remember that there are always downsides you have to consider to things which seem so promising. You could end up coming out of the operating room looking different and improved, or you could just come out looking… different.



(Hang Mioku, a South Korean, before and after multiple surgeries to improve her looks.)

 Hannah Chua(2D)


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