Psy Booed at Italian Cup Final


On May 26, at the Italian Cup Final, South Korean rapper Psy was invited to perform at the event. However, despite singing his smashing hit song Gangnam Style, his show was not received as warmly as the rest of the world had. In fact, as he gave his performance during half-time of the soccer match, the crowd actually booed at him. In fact, the booing was so loud that the organisers of the event actually tried to turn up the volume of Psy’s music to drown out the sound, but their efforts were futile. Even though not accustomed to the negative response, Psy was seemingly unfazed, and continued his performance. He did look a bit embarrassed, but he still made an effort to thank the crowd for being able to perform at the game.
Other reports have shown that this particular soccer crowd is not to be trifled with; they take the game very seriously due to the relationship between both teams and deaths and riots have been caused as a result of their rivalries. The intensity of these teams can also be seen from another incident where Roma fans sung a song which contained offensive content, mocking the black players from the opposing team.

The fans felt that Psy was completely out of place and did not deserve to be at such an event. At an Italian interview, however, Psy seemed to take it coolly, saying that he understood how fans’ passions were inflamed given their strong history of rivalry.

Faced with the startlingly cold reception, Psy did not completely ignore the situation and appeared slightly ruffled, but continued his performance as per normal, and even graced the audience with words of thanks at the end of the performance.


Erica Low(2 Charity)


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