Become the Tree You Want To Be


We were all once a little seed who grew to become a seedling in the shelter of a nursery. There we receive tender care and the utmost concern from the planters. Making sure we receive our daily dose of water and sunlight for maximum growth, we hardly do much to survive.

But there will come the time when we have to bid farewell to this little hometown of ours, to move to a ‘better’ place. When the planters deem us to be strong enough to face the dynamic conditions of the outside world, we are brought to a yard which stands under the endless sky, which sometimes shines upon us, yet sometimes frowns. There we are left to survive on our own, only with the occasional visits of planters who would just be checking on whether we’ve died yet and clear us to make space for the other seedlings.

Under the constant pressures of sunlight and rainfall, we strive to become taller and stronger, sprouting luscious green leaves and be the best in the crowd. We grow to become different tree varieties, some become angsanas, some rain trees and some others trumpet trees.

Just as who we are in life, we start out all the same, as seeds, as babies. And under the constant care of our parents and other adults around us, we are well looked after and every need of ours is tended to. Thereafter, we learn to become increasingly independent with less and less protection and care. And there will come a time where we have to face challenges and problems without assistance.

Then in this modern competitive society we live in, we strive to be the nonpareil beings we aspire to be. We make every single effort possible to do our best in everything, academics, sports – simply everything. Some of us break along the way, yet some make it through to reach capable heights in their lives. Hat’s off to those well-rounded individuals among us!

Predicaments we encounter, they spur us forward to allow us to unleash our greatest potential and attain outstanding results that even we ourselves may deem impossible. And through all these obstacles that come our way we face we grow to become individuals excelling in different aspects of life.

“Every champion was once a contender who refused to give up.” Hold on tight and keep an eye on your dreams.

Become the tree you want to be.

Lu Jielin(3T)

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