Indian Delicacy-Roti Prata

Roti Prata

Roti prata, an Indian delicacy is one of the most eaten food in Singapore. Roti prata is a fried pancake that is cooked over a flat grill. It is usually served with vegetable or meat based curry and is sometimes also served with sugar. Prata is also commonly cooked with egg, cheese, mushroom, onion and even chocolate!

Roti prata is made from the original pancake recipes from Pakistan and India. Roti means “bread” while prata means “flat”. In Malaysia, the prata is known as Roti canai, it is served slightly different compared to Singapore. In Singapore, the varieties of roti prata are named mostly in English, such as egg prata, cheese prata or onion prata, whereas in Malaysia they are commonly named in the Malay Language, such as roti telur for “egg prata”.
Although I have eaten pratas from many different places before, the one which left me with the greatest impression is the prata sold in The Roti Prata House along Upper Thomson Road. The prata itself is very crispy and it tastes heavenly together with the curry provided. Apart from that, the generous amount of sugar and milk added to the dough also enhanced the taste of the prata. I was also very satisfied with their service as they didn’t take a long time before serving me my prata despite having many customers on that particular afternoon.
Although roti prata may be very delicious but eating it too often can be very unhealthy due to the large amount of carbohydrates, fats and cholesterol found in ghee and margarine used to fry the pratas.

-Fiona Goh(1H)


One thought on “Indian Delicacy-Roti Prata

  1. Yes! I am a big fan of roti prata and whenever my parents buy roti prata for the family, I always feel so thrilled. Despite having eaten roti prata for many years, I still enjoy eating roti prata (and thosai) from different parts of Singapore. Roti Prata is truly a distinctive flavour of our cultural heritage. I have gone past the Roti Prata House along Upper Thomson Road. One day, I should try a first-hand experience of tasting the roti prata there too! However, you are right to mention that eating too much of it may result in adverse health effects.

    Brenda Khoo (3G)

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