Hokkien Delight: Hokkien Mee

Hokkien Mee

The alluring fragrance of the noodles just cannot suppress the temptation of any customer finding any good food to eat! Embraced in a banana leaf, the saucy dish will not hold anyone back from eating it! Many people like their ‘Hokkien Mee’ less saucy; however the sauce makes the delicious noodles even tastier! Looks can indeed be deceiving most of the time, like the first time I bought this dish, it did not seem very appealing to me. However once I tried it, the flavor seemed to burst in my mouth, overwhelming my taste buds. So what makes the noodles special? It may seem ordinary but in my opinion, I feel that it is the sauce that brings out the unique taste of the yummy noodles! Besides the noodles, the authenticity of the stall causes one to reminiscent the past…

Well why is that so? Perhaps, it is due to the cooks dressed in a straw hat from the nineties and a woven ‘satay fan’ the get the stove going! Not only does the stall captures the authenticity, it also brings back much memories of the past, doesn’t it? Well, for me, I feel that it captures the quaint history of Singapore. Why is that so then? Maybe it is due to Singapore being famous for her awesome food! And indeed it is very true! Though there are many delicious points that make it really attractive, there are also the cons of the stall. For example if you happen to be rushing for time or hoping to get a quick lunch, rest assured this stall will be set in last place! Their long queues and non-efficiency of the cooks will send impatient customers stomping off!
Where: Ang Mo Kio Hub – Food court
Price: $4+

– Rachel Pang (1H)


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