DJ Got Me Falling In Love



“SNGS WE ARE HERE! outside of ur gate of Blk 171.#HotBreakfastCrashYoSch”.

And with that one tweet, students were flying towards the school gate at Street 13 in fearful hope that they might not be able to get a picture or an autograph before the radio team left. Settling at the void deck of the HDB flats, it was made clear that any complaints from residents would result in their immediate departure. Hushing as much as possible, the amount of energy and frenzy could hardly be contained even after a long day of lessons. A girl started off with, “Could I get a picture with you!” And then the crowd went wild and followed suit. Along with guts and a dash of luck, we managed to snap up an interview with both Boy Thunder and Adam Piperdy of HOT FM91.3.
And here’s how it went:

QUESTION 1: Are you glad you came to our school? What do you think of our

Adam: I am definitely glad that I did because today’s crashing was one of the
craziest but
that’s a good thing because many people came. Groups of friends in twos
and threes all turned up and that’s really cool because when I when I was in my schooling years I was one of those loners. But look! That’s what got me being a talkative DJ after the years of bottling it up.
BT: It was quite a fun experience because the last time I came here was nearly
10 years ago, when a fiesta was held in the compound. The students were
loud too, but loud is good, as it expresses their enthusiasm. It’s really cool
that they know how to express their support and passion well, and in that we
feel their appreciation. It’s always very fresh to come here!

QUESTION 2: Do you enjoy this part of your job? The interactions with busy crowds and screaming students?

Adam: The work actually pays off in the end cause’ being on air is like talking to
ourselves and this allows me to see who I’m interacting with. I also enjoy
taking pictures with active listeners.
BT: Everything is a piece of this jigsaw puzzle. If I’m on air, I don’t get to come
out here, and if I’m not here, the time spent on air will not be as interesting.
And it’s always great meeting new friends(listeners).

QUESTION 3: How did you get this job?

Adam: I started off as an intern doing administrative work. Then one day BT
spotted me as a person who could go on-air for radio with him.
I guess I managed to land the job here (being a DJ) due to my
talkative nature and great friendships were definitely forged.
BT: I started off as an intern helping out with this and that. I expressed my
interest of going on air, which was only one month after I started my
internship. It was really great as my boss actually allowed me to get out there
and so I went on and the rest was history.

QUESTION 4: How did you end up partnering with Adam on the show?

BT: I started off doing the night show, going ‘solo’ for a few months for the
HOT30 countdown but I felt that it would be much more fun if I had a partner
with me. When thinking of new stuff, things would actually work better if I was
assigned to do the work with someone I know. It is more dynamic, as you
develop that friendship through work, and I thought Adam suited that
role well. At the end of the day, we actually started off as friends and now
we’re best friends as well. Being able to choose who I would do the show with
was top priority as the listeners would only be able to enjoy listening when we
enjoy sharing.

QUESTION 5: How did you keep going – Before you partnered with Adam to do
the show together?

BT: I did a lot more calls than other radio stations. I tried to communicate with listeners as much as possible and it’s motivating to know that people were actually listening.

QUESTION 6: Would this be what you deem as your dream job?

BT: For me, going to work is like going to the playground. I don’t feel much stress and I love my job.



By: Michele Kon (3T) and Lu Jielin (3T)


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