Book Review: I Know What You Did Last Wednesday

Part of the Diamond Brothers series, I Know What You Did Last Wednesday is yet another adventure of the world’s worst private detective, Tim Diamond, and his little brother, Nick Diamond, who is noticeably more intelligent. In this story, Tim and Nick are invited to Tim’s secondary school reunion on a remote Scottish island. All seems to be going well until they arrive, upon which they discover that their host has been murdered. With no way of getting help from their mainland, things spiral downwards as more of the reunion group are targeted and shuffle off this mortal coil. The Diamond brothers, or rather Nick, must now race against time to discover the motive behind the suspicious school reunion, the murders and the killer’s identity. My favourite character would be the Diamond brother who ‘often (cries) himself to sleep, having to be tucked in every night and cheered up by his brother’, Tim Diamond. He takes figures of speech and various terminologies literally, resulting in him spouting comical lines and performing ridiculous actions. As his original name, Herbert Simple, hints, he is a very simple character, sorely lacking common sense. I Know What You Did Last Wednesday is a light read, for those who want to read something exciting and fast paced.


-Yap Ching Yit (2C)


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