Did you look forward to SNSD’s comeback? After 14 long months, they have finally come back to rock the stage! From their charismatic song, ‘The Boys’, back in 2011, they have come back with the new song, ‘I Got A Boy’ this year in 2013. This new song is the fastest K-Pop MV to cross the 20 million view mark – within 5-6 days. It also broke the record of Hyuna’s ‘Ice Cream’ which took 11 days; PSY’s ‘Gangnam Style’ which took 26 days and their own song, SNSD ‘The Boys’, which took 37 days.
Despite their pretty little outfits, their dance moves and performance isn’t as feminine as it may suggest. Their energetic and synchronised moves combined with beautiful and powerful vocals made ‘I Got A Boy’ yet another hit that’s hard to beat.
With their fancy starting which gave off a feminine vibe, it quickly turned into a hip-hop dance when it reached the chorus, giving off a strong and sexy vibe. With the complicated and skilful dance moves, the whole dance is truly quite a feat to perform.
This whole dance and song is truly one of a kind. Moreover, ‘I Got A Boy’ kicked start a new genre of music – the mixing of different genres. If you have yet to listen to the song or watch them perform, you are missing out a lot. So hurry and go check it out now!




– Felicia Choy (2U)


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