I am a raindrop.
Falling, falling, falling.
The red ball of fiery gas shines on us, making us seem luminous yet radiant with the seven colours of the rainbow. My siblings around me chuckle with joy and happiness, having experienced freedom the first time in their lives. Their bubbly laughter makes me want to smile, too. Yet, I will not. I cannot.
I am lonely.
The sky, calm as ever, is a brilliant blue, embracing the earth with its fatherly warmth. It seems kind and concerned, the perfect father whom every child wishes for. However, there is a frightening wrath that is lurking beneath. I glare at the sky which was once my father, with eyes filled with hatred and betrayal.
I am a raindrop and I am lonely. My own father emptied its pockets of me and left me to evaporate on a muddy ground.
The trees, magnificent with their towering heights and dotted with emerald-coloured leaves, seem to welcome us with their arms bent. They smile warmly as if we are guests and they themselves luxurious hotel rooms with a great amount of services available. I yearn to curl up comfortably in front of the fireplace, which is lit with a fire that radiates warmth. I wish to hold a mug of hot chocolate in my cold, cold hands. I hope for a great many things as I stare at the trees and their inviting homes. However, none of that happens.
Oh, I am so lonely.
The sounds of laughter are everywhere. Girls giggling, boys chasing one another and toddlers tripping over their own feet at a playground. Adults chat among themselves, grinning and nodding, while keeping a watchful eye on their kids. Family. That alone brings tears to my eyes as I watch the children having the time of their lives. I try to remember the times my parents and siblings had such a fun time together. There was none.
I remember being scolded for every single thing that I had done wrong. I remember the fights my parents had every single night. I remember my siblings forced to stay in their own rooms, unable to come out and play. I remember… I remember… None of them were joyful nor pleasant.
I live in a world where there is no love, no friendship, no joy and most importantly, no family.
At the sight of the humans having such an enjoyable time in each other’s company, my lips twitch into a smile. My heart soars and seems lighter as if the sad, miserable things that I am carrying around so much have disappeared. I was no longer breaking apart inside.
I am a raindrop.
I am not alone anymore.

by Claire Hsieh(1 Wisdom)



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