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DJ Got Me Falling In Love



“SNGS WE ARE HERE! outside of ur gate of Blk 171.#HotBreakfastCrashYoSch”.

And with that one tweet, students were flying towards the school gate at Street 13 in fearful hope that they might not be able to get a picture or an autograph before the radio team left. Settling at the void deck of the HDB flats, it was made clear that any complaints from residents would result in their immediate departure. Hushing as much as possible, the amount of energy and frenzy could hardly be contained even after a long day of lessons. A girl started off with, “Could I get a picture with you!” And then the crowd went wild and followed suit. Along with guts and a dash of luck, we managed to snap up an interview with both Boy Thunder and Adam Piperdy of HOT FM91.3.
And here’s how it went:

QUESTION 1: Are you glad you came to our school? What do you think of our

Adam: I am definitely glad that I did because today’s crashing was one of the
craziest but
that’s a good thing because many people came. Groups of friends in twos
and threes all turned up and that’s really cool because when I when I was in my schooling years I was one of those loners. But look! That’s what got me being a talkative DJ after the years of bottling it up.
BT: It was quite a fun experience because the last time I came here was nearly
10 years ago, when a fiesta was held in the compound. The students were
loud too, but loud is good, as it expresses their enthusiasm. It’s really cool
that they know how to express their support and passion well, and in that we
feel their appreciation. It’s always very fresh to come here!

QUESTION 2: Do you enjoy this part of your job? The interactions with busy crowds and screaming students?

Adam: The work actually pays off in the end cause’ being on air is like talking to
ourselves and this allows me to see who I’m interacting with. I also enjoy
taking pictures with active listeners.
BT: Everything is a piece of this jigsaw puzzle. If I’m on air, I don’t get to come
out here, and if I’m not here, the time spent on air will not be as interesting.
And it’s always great meeting new friends(listeners).

QUESTION 3: How did you get this job?

Adam: I started off as an intern doing administrative work. Then one day BT
spotted me as a person who could go on-air for radio with him.
I guess I managed to land the job here (being a DJ) due to my
talkative nature and great friendships were definitely forged.
BT: I started off as an intern helping out with this and that. I expressed my
interest of going on air, which was only one month after I started my
internship. It was really great as my boss actually allowed me to get out there
and so I went on and the rest was history.

QUESTION 4: How did you end up partnering with Adam on the show?

BT: I started off doing the night show, going ‘solo’ for a few months for the
HOT30 countdown but I felt that it would be much more fun if I had a partner
with me. When thinking of new stuff, things would actually work better if I was
assigned to do the work with someone I know. It is more dynamic, as you
develop that friendship through work, and I thought Adam suited that
role well. At the end of the day, we actually started off as friends and now
we’re best friends as well. Being able to choose who I would do the show with
was top priority as the listeners would only be able to enjoy listening when we
enjoy sharing.

QUESTION 5: How did you keep going – Before you partnered with Adam to do
the show together?

BT: I did a lot more calls than other radio stations. I tried to communicate with listeners as much as possible and it’s motivating to know that people were actually listening.

QUESTION 6: Would this be what you deem as your dream job?

BT: For me, going to work is like going to the playground. I don’t feel much stress and I love my job.



By: Michele Kon (3T) and Lu Jielin (3T)


Did you look forward to SNSD’s comeback? After 14 long months, they have finally come back to rock the stage! From their charismatic song, ‘The Boys’, back in 2011, they have come back with the new song, ‘I Got A Boy’ this year in 2013. This new song is the fastest K-Pop MV to cross the 20 million view mark – within 5-6 days. It also broke the record of Hyuna’s ‘Ice Cream’ which took 11 days; PSY’s ‘Gangnam Style’ which took 26 days and their own song, SNSD ‘The Boys’, which took 37 days.
Despite their pretty little outfits, their dance moves and performance isn’t as feminine as it may suggest. Their energetic and synchronised moves combined with beautiful and powerful vocals made ‘I Got A Boy’ yet another hit that’s hard to beat.
With their fancy starting which gave off a feminine vibe, it quickly turned into a hip-hop dance when it reached the chorus, giving off a strong and sexy vibe. With the complicated and skilful dance moves, the whole dance is truly quite a feat to perform.
This whole dance and song is truly one of a kind. Moreover, ‘I Got A Boy’ kicked start a new genre of music – the mixing of different genres. If you have yet to listen to the song or watch them perform, you are missing out a lot. So hurry and go check it out now!




– Felicia Choy (2U)

Demi Lovato returns with new single ‘Heart Attack’!

Have you gotten your “heart attack” from Demi yet? I bet you did! The talented vocalist officially released her new single on February 25 and has since gathered 10 million views! The catchy love song spiced with relatable lyrics for many has stirred the interest of many, especially the ever-adoring Demi fans. The 20 years old pop star has stunned with many of her past albums and singles, her new release not being an exception, having sold out 215,000 units in the first week of release. The song was also a trending topic on twitter, with #UnlockHeartAttack trending worldwide. The song also debuted at the top of numerous music charts. Congratulations Demi!



– Lim SeeMun (2P)

Hokkien Delight: Hokkien Mee

Hokkien Mee

The alluring fragrance of the noodles just cannot suppress the temptation of any customer finding any good food to eat! Embraced in a banana leaf, the saucy dish will not hold anyone back from eating it! Many people like their ‘Hokkien Mee’ less saucy; however the sauce makes the delicious noodles even tastier! Looks can indeed be deceiving most of the time, like the first time I bought this dish, it did not seem very appealing to me. However once I tried it, the flavor seemed to burst in my mouth, overwhelming my taste buds. So what makes the noodles special? It may seem ordinary but in my opinion, I feel that it is the sauce that brings out the unique taste of the yummy noodles! Besides the noodles, the authenticity of the stall causes one to reminiscent the past…

Well why is that so? Perhaps, it is due to the cooks dressed in a straw hat from the nineties and a woven ‘satay fan’ the get the stove going! Not only does the stall captures the authenticity, it also brings back much memories of the past, doesn’t it? Well, for me, I feel that it captures the quaint history of Singapore. Why is that so then? Maybe it is due to Singapore being famous for her awesome food! And indeed it is very true! Though there are many delicious points that make it really attractive, there are also the cons of the stall. For example if you happen to be rushing for time or hoping to get a quick lunch, rest assured this stall will be set in last place! Their long queues and non-efficiency of the cooks will send impatient customers stomping off!
Where: Ang Mo Kio Hub – Food court
Price: $4+

– Rachel Pang (1H)

Book Review: I Know What You Did Last Wednesday

Part of the Diamond Brothers series, I Know What You Did Last Wednesday is yet another adventure of the world’s worst private detective, Tim Diamond, and his little brother, Nick Diamond, who is noticeably more intelligent. In this story, Tim and Nick are invited to Tim’s secondary school reunion on a remote Scottish island. All seems to be going well until they arrive, upon which they discover that their host has been murdered. With no way of getting help from their mainland, things spiral downwards as more of the reunion group are targeted and shuffle off this mortal coil. The Diamond brothers, or rather Nick, must now race against time to discover the motive behind the suspicious school reunion, the murders and the killer’s identity. My favourite character would be the Diamond brother who ‘often (cries) himself to sleep, having to be tucked in every night and cheered up by his brother’, Tim Diamond. He takes figures of speech and various terminologies literally, resulting in him spouting comical lines and performing ridiculous actions. As his original name, Herbert Simple, hints, he is a very simple character, sorely lacking common sense. I Know What You Did Last Wednesday is a light read, for those who want to read something exciting and fast paced.


-Yap Ching Yit (2C)

Indian Delicacy-Roti Prata

Roti Prata

Roti prata, an Indian delicacy is one of the most eaten food in Singapore. Roti prata is a fried pancake that is cooked over a flat grill. It is usually served with vegetable or meat based curry and is sometimes also served with sugar. Prata is also commonly cooked with egg, cheese, mushroom, onion and even chocolate!

Roti prata is made from the original pancake recipes from Pakistan and India. Roti means “bread” while prata means “flat”. In Malaysia, the prata is known as Roti canai, it is served slightly different compared to Singapore. In Singapore, the varieties of roti prata are named mostly in English, such as egg prata, cheese prata or onion prata, whereas in Malaysia they are commonly named in the Malay Language, such as roti telur for “egg prata”.
Although I have eaten pratas from many different places before, the one which left me with the greatest impression is the prata sold in The Roti Prata House along Upper Thomson Road. The prata itself is very crispy and it tastes heavenly together with the curry provided. Apart from that, the generous amount of sugar and milk added to the dough also enhanced the taste of the prata. I was also very satisfied with their service as they didn’t take a long time before serving me my prata despite having many customers on that particular afternoon.
Although roti prata may be very delicious but eating it too often can be very unhealthy due to the large amount of carbohydrates, fats and cholesterol found in ghee and margarine used to fry the pratas.

-Fiona Goh(1H)

Tipped Scales Scaling Walls


Earlier this year, the attack of a young Indian woman who was brutally gang-raped in a bus generated headlines from all around the world, triggering public outcry and protests in India. Police allege that the 23-year-old trainee physiotherapist was attacked, along with her male companion, by six men who repeatedly raped and tortured her with a metal bar. The couple was also severely beaten before being callously thrown onto a road. The woman later died of internal injuries in Mount Elizabeth, despite doctors’ best attempts to save her. The assault triggered nationwide protests, a toughening of rape laws and fierce discussion over the rampant crime against women in India, as well as the safety of women there.
Recent news, however, have disclosed that Ram Singh, the main accused and one painted by a police report as the ringleader, had hanged himself in a jail cell. While his lawyer and family suspected foul play, it is highly likely the death would be greatly advantageous for the remaining charged, as they could easily declare him the main conspirator to get lighter punishments.
The victim’s brother expressed discontent, claiming to be “​not very thrilled with the news that he killed himself because [he] wanted him to be hanged … publicly”. “Him dying on his own terms seems unfair. But oh well, one is down. Hopefully the rest will wait for their death sentence”.
The frustration that boils from within over the case stems from indignation and a sense of moral righteousness not only for the victim’s behalf, but also for women in India and across borders. Despite seemingly conclusive evidence, the six had pleaded not guilty to rape and murder, contributing to the negative and unrepentant portrayal of themselves to the hostile public despite the heinous deeds they committed and the unrest and uproar stirred.
In addition, should the others pin the blame onto the dead accused for their own benefits even when they were not really coerced into their actions, the injustice and justified disgust at their warped sense of ethics would surface. Not only would it illustrate their dishonesty and selfishness, but it would also pave the way to more lenient sentences that could possibly diminish the effectiveness of new measures to be unveiled.
It also causes much fury how the accused were involved in the plan of taking the bus out that night to look for a victim to rape. The motive they had was likened to be like a wild animal acting in the role of a predator where innocent and weaker ‘preys’ could be grabbed at will and destroyed. Their complete lack of moral and humanistic values leads to growing tensions in India.
Lastly, some may agree with the victim’s brother. He was dissatisfied with how his sister was not properly addressed in his way of death where he is believed to have committed suicide, dying out of choice and not as a punishment and a warning as intended should he have gone through sentencing. Did he really repent and atone for his sins then?
All these bring a larger issue to mind. With all the insecurity and vulnerability women are silently facing in parts of the world like New Delhi, usually forgotten or disregarded, are we women in Singapore taking our freedom and standing for granted here? A world of forced prostitution, forced marriages, abuse and child labour may seem surreal and distant where we are, cocooned and protected by bubbled isolation from the frequent scandals that rock other countries. However, perhaps it is time to appreciate the opportunities such as access to education, and social security we are provided with, all because we are born at the right place at the right time. Otherwise, we could have easily been any one of the faceless females in the world trampled on by our male counterparts. Their howls for change have to be heard.

– Sharon Kuah (3H)

Sakura Smile

Gracefully dancing along with the relaxing melody of the springtime breeze, those ballerinas never cease to cheer me up. Slowly falling from above, the beautiful angels delivered perfect little pirouettes as they opened their invisible wings, painting the once bright blue sky with bits of pink. The park which used to only be green was now filled with feathers of pink, the wonderful scent of the freshly blossoming flowers now tainted the springtime breeze. And I closed my eyes to take in its scent, allowing it to my fill my nostrils, travel down my throat to warm my heart, almost as if it was a purifier of some sort.

I dragged my suitcase along the pathway, pink petals slowly stepping aside, allowing me to pass with each step I took. I began to hum a song I had once heard long, long ago – before I had left the comforts of home to pursue my studies overseas – as they danced all around me, like a masquerade of angels. They were dazzling, I thought – like stars that attracted attention both at night and in day. They need not be in the sky, among the darkness or the light to gain my attention. For even on the ground, among the most ordinary of objects, they would always get my notice first.

Even as I sat on a nearby bench, sipping on some warm green tea, I would put my book aside just to admire the performance of these falling stars. Even as one of them gently landed on the surface of my drink, I would smile and see my past painted on the very surface of those petals. Even as I got to the front gate of my home, where it seemed to me that angels blossomed and danced the most, I could not help the happiness that was bobbling inside me. So I admired every little detail of this tiny house I lived in – how the zinc roof was now covered with pink snow, how the little pond up in front now had fish swimming about, how my beloved parents stood at the entrance to all the cosiness I could ever dream of in the world, giving me the broadest of smiles filled with the best of love.

“I’m home!” I called out to them, the image of pink ballerinas now fragmented before my eyes. “Mom, Dad, I’m home!” I quickly opened the front gate and walked along the short pathway towards the entrance of my home. The angels embraced me, welcoming me home, gently landing on my head as I threw my arms around the couple.

“My, my, you’ve grown so much!” My father chuckled, his voice still as deep as always, the memories of my childhood echoing in it. My mother simply pulled away and wiped the tears from my eyes and hers. She sniffed and took in a deep breath, sweeping away the dark hair that had always been threatening to cover my eyes. I giggled, feeling like I had travelled back in time, to when I was barely up to their shoulders.

I allowed my lips to curl upwards, in sheer joy and happiness.

“We have missed that smile.” My mother said, hugging me again. “Welcome home, our cherry blossom.”

This is why I will always admire the pink angels. They would always remind me of home, giving me comfort. They would always remind me of my wonderful parents, who could easily devote their whole life to maintaining the cherry blossoms in our area, keeping them in the state of perfection and beauty during the blossoming periods. They would always remind me of the spring holidays I spent back home, standing in the porch, admiring their beauty, dancing in their showers. But that was how it would always work, I supposed.

Our names are Sakura, and we are the cherry blossoms. We danced together. And we made each other smile. We have the smile, the one that shows all humbleness, confidence, care and beauty wrapped in pink.

We have the Sakura Smile.


I chose to write this because the cherry blossom blooming period is around this time of the year (March and April). And also, because it’s the March holidays, and me being a foreign student – there’s no feeling that can be better than finally going home to see your family after a long time! 🙂 Besides, I enjoy Japan and there’s no denying that cherry blossoms are beautiful.



– Loo Yan Ling (2U)

Should National Service be made Compulsory for Girls?

National Service (NS) is the system in which boys are conscripted into the army for military training. They have to be in the army for at least 2 years. Back then in the 1950s, the NS received bad response. The government decided to be firm in this important defence issue and made in compulsory in March 1967. Those who were found to be rebellious and against NS could be fined or imprisoned.
The boys in the NS had to endure the tough training behind the army doors. Waking up at 5am, doing strenuous activities, doing their household chores all by themselves were not easy tasks. These youths learnt to grind their teeth and do what their commanders instructed. After these two grueling years, the boys came out of the army triumphantly, claiming themselves to be ‘Manly’.
Now, should girls be ‘forced’ to go for National Service? I strongly believe that we should go for NS, maybe for less than 2 years so as to train themselves physically, psychologically and mentally.
Firstly, National Service should be made compulsory for girls to train them physically. Girls have often been thought to marry and have children. Since the ancient times, many girls stayed at home and were not supposed to be concerned about their ‘outside’ world. However, times are transforming and there are more sportswomen. If Tao Li and Yip Pin Xiu are so physically fit (and oh! So Muscular), cannot we? I mean, we do not need to do such rigorous activites but I feel that moderately-intense training is more suitable for us to be more muscular. In this way, our strong bodies can help to build more resistance and immunity against several diseases. We will not gall sick so often when we get stressed. Moreover, we will be able to concentrate better during work and lessons. Thus, National Service is beneficial for the girls as well.
Secondly, National Service should be made compulsory for girls to be trained psychologically. As a result of doing all these arduous training, the girls (and the boys!) will be inculcated a strong sense of endurance and perseverance. For instance, when the girls are faced with mounting stress and upcoming tasks, they will be able to take on then willingly and courageously, as well as to view these tasks as challenges. In this way, they will not give up easily or be demoralized when facing adversities or setbacks. Thus, NS is favorable in building up the girls’ determination.
Thirdly, NS should be made compulsory to train the girls mentally. By doing all these physically-challenging tasks, I am sure that these girls would learn how to be independent and self-reliant. They would also learn to be patriotic to Singapore and volunteer themselves readily when Singapore faces a war crisis. Girls should also join the National Service so that Singapore’s defence force would be strengthened. In the face of war, Singapore would most likely be more victorious in handling threats effectively and efficiently due to sufficient manpower. Therefore, girls should be conscripted in the military forces to be mentally-competent.
However, many parents complain that when the girls are serving NS, the duties of all the household chores fall on the parents’ shoulders. As there have been an increasing trend of working parents, it is understandable how burdensome it is for parents with only a child, especially if the child is a girl. Hence, the government should suggest half-day military training for a period of 1 year. In this way, the girls would be able to balance military life and home life. This skill can be honed to train the girls. By learning how to balance real-life situations, they would be able to handle life more easily, especially the usually-demanding work life.
In conclusion, NS should be compulsory for girls. However, in the light of their physical statute and duties of household tasks, their military training should not be too intense and last for about 1 year. Also, the government can make it an exception for those girls who need to help out with the family in managing household tasks. Hence, NS should be mandatory for girls.

-Brenda Khoo(3G)